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Fawx Third Eye Chakra

Fawx Third Eye Chakra

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The Fawx Thrid Eye Charkra Blend when used day to day connects you to associate deeper with your intuition, imagination, wisdom, and spiritual power within yourself.


May this blend aid you in times of feeling headaches, vision problems, eye problems, brain disorders, neurological imbalances, migraine, insomnia, endocrine imbalance.


** Each bottle comes with a cork top, a necklace screw attachment to place as a necklace. **


Third Eye Chakra Blend:

Amethyst: Provide spiritual and emotional protection, promote inner peace, and help with spiritual growth


Celestites: Enhancing communication with angels and other spiritual beings, promoting creativity and imagination, aiding in meditation and relaxation, and providing protection from negative energy.


Palo Santo: Attracts positive energy while clearing away negative energies and restoring environmental balance


Obsidian: Release emotional, physical, and spiritual blockages, drawing out stress and tension


Bottle Dimensions:

Diameter: 12mm
Height: 65mm(70mm with cork)

Width: 22mm

Weight: 0.624375 lbs

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